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Hospital (T.C.M) Affiliated to Southwest Medical University, featured by the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, is a A-III comprehensive hospital that integrates medical treatment, education, scientific research, prevention and healthcare, industrial culture, group hospitals and international communications.Currently, the hospital has over 3100 employees, among whom, over 300 are senior professionals, more than 300 graduates and doctors, more than 100 doctorate tutors and master graduate tutors. In addition, the hospital has employed 341 part-time professors from all over the world,and has a professional team of traditional Chinese medicine professionals. In December 2019, Hospital (T.C.M) Affiliated to Southwest Medical University was approved as the national Export base of T.C.M service, becoming the only unit approved in Sichuan and Chongqing.The base has 1143 kinds of Chinese medicine yinpian, health managementphysical examination center, fitness center, not cure disease center, sports rehabilitation center of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine healthcare center, beauty center six characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, region and culture of traditional Chinese medicine, which museum, national physician longevity colleagues pavilion, Chishui swan fort national forest, raising base, Taihe international health care raising base at Lijiang, Lijiang ancient city planting base of Chinese herbal medicine international five traditional Chinese medicine culture, raising base, set up to 32 integrated therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment area, carry out the acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, massage, guasha, sweat stream, such as 125 kinds of Chinese med......more

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Southwest Medical University Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in Longmatan District, Luzhou City. It is a comprehensive teaching hospital with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Adhering to the core concept of traditional Chinese medicine culture of "people-oriented, medicine is benevolent, heaven and man in one, harmony and sincerity of Chinese medicine, the hospital carries forward the mission...

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